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A Bad Ride for a World of Good

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring sustainable clean drinking water to children & families in rural Africa.

Our Vehicle

Our hi-performance 4x For truck was built and sponsored by the Off-Road / Overlanding community in an effort to raise $1 million and support clean water projects through VOX.

Our Xpedition

Our trek across sub-Saharan Africa will generate clean water awareness and deeply honor my late father, and fellow car guy, Hersch.

—Brian King, Vox Founder & son of Herschel King

4WD Toyota Owners Magazine

A bad rig for a world of good. 4WD Toyota Owners Magazine features the Hersch X—underscoring how you can join the effort to give people clean drinking water.

Tacoma Beast Walk Around

Catch the Walk Around from SEMA 2021. Mateo Ianotti and Brian King discuss the custom features and the ultimate purpose behind the Hersch X build.

Water Safari Versus

Two teams in two 4x4s race against time, terrain and each other to restore non-functioning wells in rural Africa. Don’t miss this 20 minute inspirational feature.

Truckvault Feature

Hersch X owner and VOX founder Brian King meets with the team at TruckVault to discuss their All-Weather line storage system and the heart and soul behind Hersch X.

My Dad Loved Cars

My dad loved the look and feel of a detailed finish.
He loved cruising the strip to Elvis and The Beach Boys.
He loved the confident rumble of 400 horses.
But most of all, he loved people.

Maybe that’s why he and my grandfather spent hours by my side working on cars. While I cherished my ‘69 Ford Fairlane, rebuilding it was really just an excuse to come together.

What if we could use that same excuse to do a world of good?

Named after my late father, Herschel King, the Hersch X build was (and is) fueled by a passion for cars and a way for us to “come together” and do something special for those in need.

Herschel King, the reason for the Hersch X

The Need

Every day thousands of children needlessly die from water-born diseases and a lack of clean drinking water.

Together we can do something about it.

$35 gives a child clean drinking water

$10K installs a community well.


* 100% of 4xFor donations go to support clean water projects through VOX United.

The 4xFor Challenge

My dad taught me that cars are cool, but people are what really matter.

To extend his legacy & make the world a better place for others, we’ve teamed up with the off-road community & industry to kickstart the 4xForChallenge.

The 4xFor Challenge is an effort to raise $1 million—for a cause that is close to my heart: clean drinking water for rural Africa. It’s in short supply.

Take the Challenge Learn More

We’re Raising $1Million
Toward the Solution

[and we need your help]

Raise Your Glass

On Instagram use #4xForChallenge and tag us @theHerschX