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Baja Designs

San Marcos, CA, USA

Hersch X Products:
40″ & 30″ S8 Light Bars, Squadron Pro Fog Lights, S2 Work Lights, S2 Reverse Lights, Rock Lights


Baja Designs, the “Scientists of Lighting,” have 25 years of proven, race-winning expertise in the OHV market and remain at the forefront of premium lighting solutions for off-road enthusiasts.

Hersch X front c4 bumper

Baja Designs on Hersch X

We chose to partner with Vox United and the Hersch X project because it’s a cause we can all get behind. It warms our hearts to know that our lighting solutions can assist in providing essential, life-saving changes around the world.

-Trent KirbyCEO of Baja Designs