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Blaze Off-road

Englewood, Colorado, USA

Hersch X Products:
Custom Electrical System & Mounts

Blaze Off-Road designs and produces high-quality solutions for off-grid and off-road vehicles. Primarily focused on electrical systems, Blaze Off-Road provides pre-made, pre-wired, and custom solutions for any vehicle electrical system.

Blaze Off-road on Hersch X

When we at Blaze Off-Road got the call from Vox we instantly knew that we wanted to go all-in on this project. The same fundamental beliefs that we hold in regards to building vehicles for off-roading and overlanding here in the USA stand strong for the HerschX build as well. We build and wire vehicles to last a lifetime of abuse because lives truly depend on them when you are off grid. With how much amazing good this organization does we decided that simply wiring the vehicle was not enough for us; so Blaze Off-Road also custom designed and produced multiple new products and mounting solutions for this build. We produced custom solutions for Smart Cap, RedArc, Garmin, weBoost, and Blue Sea Systems products. We wholly stand behind Vox and will continue to do so on their future builds and endeavors.

-Mitchell SweetzBlaze Off-Road Founder & Chief Engineer