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Desert Does It

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Hersch X Products:

Seat Jackers, Multi Mount Panel (MMP)


Desert Does It is one of those “Made in America” stories, but first and foremost they are a proud small-business and family of outdoor enthusiasts. After a long road trip, and lots of back pain, two friends put their skills together to solve a major problem. They loved their trucks, but just couldn’t find a comfortable seating position. Joe Lund and Steve Lindsay, a master machinist from Utah and an overland and Tacoma enthusiast in Nevada, formed Desert Does It with original designs to improve your ride with new and innovative products – born out of necessity for the outdoorsman as well as the daily commuter.

Desert Does It Seat Jacker & multi-mount

Desert Does It on Hersch X

As desert dwellers, we at Desert Does It know the value of water. Clean and accessible water is at the heart of our communities, and critical to human survival. When we heard what Brian and Lorie were doing with the HerschX and #4XFOR Challenge, we knew we had to be a part of it. Extending that drive time in comfort, and putting critical tools at hand for these volunteers. We’re honored to have our products put to use for such an incredible cause. Bringing life to the desert.

-Desert Does It Team