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Expedition Essentials

Ferndale, WA, USA

Hersch X Products:
Toyota Tacoma 3RD GEN USB Powered Accessory Mount (3TPAM)


We are a veteran and family owned company, we are adventurers at heart and have a passion for exploration. As such, all products from Expedition Essentials are “Built From Adventure”: Created from necessity, from time spent exploring on the trail and in the back-country. Our products are entirely original, designed by us, and manufactured in the USA. The goal of all of our products is quality and heightened functionality for ours and our customers vehicles.

Expedition Essentials on Hersch X

After speaking to Brian of Vox about the backstory and mission of the Hersch-X Tacoma build, we were happy to supply our 3TPAM, as we believe it is going towards a great cause, and will prove to be an integral piece of equipment on the many expeditions that this build will take on.

-Estin SikesCo-Owner