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Factor 55

Boise, ID, USA

Hersch X Products:
Hawse Fairlead, Ultrahook, Sawtooth Kit


Located in Boise, Idaho we are an engineering design firm specializing in mechanical design and analysis. Our staff has extensive experience in the Aerospace, Defense, and semiconductor industry but we have always been passionate about off-roading throughout our careers. All of our products are designed in-house using the latest 3D CAD software and optimized using Cosmos FEA ( Finite Element Analysis). Before we release any products to the public, we also perform a destructive test on each design with the assistance of a test facility equipped with test measurement and data recording equipment. We take great pride in knowing all of our products are derived from sound engineering disciplines.

Why go through all of this for the off-road market? Simple, we want to make sure we are producing the highest quality, best value products for our customers.

Factor 55 on Hersch X

FACTOR 55 is excited to partner with @theherschx for SEMA 2021 and for the Dual Continent Run from England to South Africa. When venturing into the unknown it is vital to carry the right tools to keep your vehicle and family safe. @theherschx will be ready for any dangers that may arise and will be EQUIPPED TO EXPLORE™

-Justin AndrewsMarketing & Sales