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Hayden, ID, USA

Hersch X Products:
Collapsible Impact Dog Crate [ Black, size 40-inch (wide + tall) ] and a Crate Pad


Impact Dog Crates is a proud American manufacturer of heavy-duty aluminum dog crates since 2012. Every Impact Dog Crate is engineered to endure a lifetime of daily use and trusted by dog owners worldwide as a quality puppy training tool and for secure pet transport in vehicles and planes.

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Collapsible Impact Dog Crate Description:

The durable Collapsible Impact Dog Crate conveniently folds down to 8-inches within seconds for practical carrying and stowing. Available in 5 sizes, including a Great Dane-compatible size option, and available in 5 bold, powder-coated colors.

Impact Dog Crates on Hersch X

Impact Dog Crates is excited to support VOX and the Hersch X project by keeping their Samoyed puppy safe on their mission to provide sustainable drinking water in rural Africa!

-Team Impact Dog Crates