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Magma Products

Lakewood, CA, USA

Hersch X Products:

Induction Non-Stick 7 Piece Cookware Set, Padded Cookware Carry Case


Magma Products, a leading maker of premium marine and outdoor grills for more than 45 years, reimagined outdoor cooking systems with superior materials and construction. Magma Products produces high-quality cookware, fillet and party tables, and convenient grill accessories with unmatched durability.

Magma 7-piece nonstick induction cookware

Magma on Hersch X

Water is part of Magma’s DNA, so we’re completely ‘on board’ to support the Hersch X team’s Transcontinental Run for such a worthy cause. We understand how important it is to fuel up when faced with a challenge that impacts the wellbeing of entire communities. We’re proud to play our part.

-Chris deRecat, CEO of Magma Products